Time vs Capitol – A slightly in depth study of the efficiencies of travel.

Another day of my office job completed and I’m banging this post out on the 40 minute bus trip home.
The wage that I get paid for my employment goes primarily on paying off debt, this doesn’t leave me with much to get the projects out of my head into meatspace.

With this lack of financial capitol, I now realise the intense importance of sweat equity and do wish that I was able to invest more time in getting these projects off the ground.

I do try and squeeze every “spare” second that I can to continue progressing these projects and the answer is simple – Obtain more time.
Let’s try and find more time in adjusting my commute alone.

I work a nine day fortnight, taking every second day as a bank day. Of those nine days, I also work from home every Wednesday. This equals 7 days in which I am required to make the 14 kilometre journey into the office.

Normally I ride my motorcycle to work. The one way trip takes on average 45 minutes including putting on and taking off my motorcycle clothing.

In total ove rthe fortnight, the total travel time on motorcycle is: 5 hours 15 minutes.

Currently I am also in the middle of rebuilding my motorcycle which leaves me catching the pleb-sled into the office on these 7 days that I need to.

On average the bus trip also takes 45 minutes, including foot travel to/from the bus stop.
So, again this equals 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Now, let’s look at cost.
I generally fill up my bike once a fortnight at a cost of $30 – that was easy.
The bus trip costs $8.50 daily, so $59.50 per fortnight.

Now the real question, is the saving of $29.50 worth it taking into account the fact that on most days, I am catching biuses that aren’t very busy which allows me to actually get out the laptop and bang out some content, or do some research, or work on some clearly needed web design skills.
For all the negatives that come with rocking out on the pleb-sled, at this stage it does make sense for me to utilise the available personal static time to continue progressing my professional life outside of my office job.

That is all for today. Catch you tomorrow mormning on the 156 city express.

“Technology is the gateway drug to human interaction” – Gary Vee

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